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Core Keeper Sunken Sea Information: All the pieces it is advisable know

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The primary main post-early entry launch has arrived. Gamers at the moment are heading to an entire new biome referred to as the Sunken Sea, which provides an all-new aquatic biome stuffed with watery-themed gadgets and extra. The brand new biome replace is akin to the Azeos Wilds growth, so there’s loads to dig into. Under we will provide you with an thought of every little thing added within the new Core Keeper Sunken Sea replace

Core Keeper: Sunken Sea replace and what to anticipate

Earlier than you head out to the brand new biome, you first want to seek out the place it’s in your map. The core will inform you the place it’s when you have completed the opposite areas of the sport. After that, you’re going to want to go in that path, come throughout the ocean, after which begin crusing. You’ll find loads of new gadgets and another goodies right here. 

Earlier than you’ll be able to sail to the brand new biome, it is advisable have killed the primary three bosses, and have visited the Azeos Wilderness as you want some Scarlett gadgets to proceed.

make a ship in Core Keeper

To get to the brand new biome, you’ll want a ship. To make a ship, it is advisable have been energetic within the Azeos WIlderness as you want a Scarlett bench to get the Boat Workbench. Construct the Boat bench by utilizing 15 Planks and 15 Scarlett Ore.

To get planks, it is advisable put wooden right into a Desk Noticed, which you construct from digital benches. Place it subsequent to a generator or join a wire to it to provide electrical energy to activate the desk noticed. You’ll be able to then insert your wooden and start making planks.

Now that you just’re producing planks, you’ll be able to examine what different gadgets it is advisable make our boat. In complete, you want 50 Picket Planks, together with 50 Scarlett Bars and 20 Mechanical Elements.

There’s additionally a second boat within the sport referred to as the Speeder. It’s a inexperienced high quality boat, which has a big pace improve. Nevertheless, this requires 60 Coral Planks, 120 Octarine Bars, 30 Gold Bars, and 30 Mechanical Elements. You too can get some coral gadgets from the Sunken Sea biome that improve crusing pace. You will get Cortal Planks from the brand new pink wooden within the zone, and the brand new Octarine Bars come from Octarine Ore, discovered within the partitions of the brand new biome.

Core Keeper Omoroth the Sea Titan: the brand new boss

Picture through Fireshrine / Pugstorm

Like all bosses, you can also make a scanner that detects the placement of the boss. Head again to your core, and you can also make the scanner. The scanner required 10x Historical Gem stones, 10x Mechanical Elements and 15x Sea Shells. You get the Sea Shells by exploring the Sunken Sea biome naturally. After getting the merchandise, you need to get a giant pink boss marker on the map indicating the place it’s.

You additionally must craft your self an Skilled Lure, which is discovered from the identical interplay because the Azeos spawner. The Skilled Lure requires one Purple Bait, 30 Spicy Bait, 30 Candy Bait, 30 Glowing Bait, 30 Octarine Bars, and 10 Historical Gem stones. Purple Bait is a n merchandise you should purchase from the brand new Fisherman dealer, which you get from killing Azeos when you didn’t already kill him. When you’ve got killed him in a earlier patch, it is advisable kill him once more, get the brand new merchandise and make a brand new bed room. You’ll be able to then get the opposite baits by means of the brand new bait workbench.

When you arrive on the boss’s spawn room, it is advisable then fish the boss up utilizing a fishing rod and the Skilled Lure. It can then spawn the boss, and it’ll turn into energetic and battle you. Because the battle progresses, he’ll spawn watery tornadoes from its place whereas spawning purple tentacles round its outer radius to assault these making an attempt to dodge the tornadoes. You’ll be able to kill the tentacles, as they’ve round 2k hp.

This boss will even preserve leaping between the totally different fishing spots within the boss room. So, you have to to sial across the room rather a lot. We advocate utilizing a ranged weapon, akin to the brand new Bubble Gun or, ideally, the Scholar’s workers you get from the brand new caveling enemies. Maintain some potions on you after which you’ll be able to reliably heal when you get hit by something.

Merchandise Stats
Omoroth Helm 34 max well being, 17 armor, 5.5% harm, 1.7% melee and vary assault pace.
Omoroth Necklace 7 armor, 5% dodge likelihood, 7.1% harm, 10% mining harm, 3.5% motion pace, 4 glow.
Omoroth’s Ring 13% harm to booses, 3 life on hit.

Once you kill Omoroth, you get a brand new Omoroth armor set, which different huge well being and armor improve, together with a hoop that will increase harm to bosses. As for the set bonus, it grants 21.1% armor whereas adjoining to water.

Morpha the Aquatic Mass

Morpha the Aquatic Mass is a facet boss within the Sunken Sea biome. Like Omoroth, you’ll be able to craft a scanner to detect it utilizing, Historical Gem stones, 10 mechanical Elements and 90 Slippery Slime. You will get the slippery Slime from the brand new blue slime enemy discovered within the biome, particularly within the new Forlon Metropolis mini biome discovered with the Sunken Sea.

Once we know extra in regards to the boss we are going to replace the article.

New Gadgets and weapons

There are many new gadgets added with the Core Keeper Sunken Sea replace. Now we have added those we imagine to be essentially the most attention-grabbing or important. Moreso, there’s much more flavour, white high quality gadgets added to the sport, which you’ll put on, similar to the caveling or picket armors from the opposite biomes. Under are the gadgets we predict you’ll want to learn about, whether or not you’re nonetheless on different zones or heading into the Sunken Sea biome your self.

Additionally, you have to to kill Azeos once more to get the brand new gadgets from that boss and get the brand new vendor gadgets that include it. 

Merchandise Stats Loot location
Scholar’s Workers Blue workers merchandise. 200-244 vary harm, 1 assault per second and +26.8% vary harm Drops from Caveling Students / Mages
Bubble Gun 91-111 harm, 2.5 assaults per second, 35% likelihood to use slippery motion  Crabs
Conch Promote Necklace Epic Necklace with 25 ma well being, 14 armor and eight% dodge likelihood Looted from the large conch shell that you will discover it blocked off caves within the Sunken Sea Biome.
Turtle Shell Epic off-hand protect – 32 armor, 9% lowered harm from bosses. Looted from the large sea turtle statue you will discover within the Sunken Sea Biome.
Tentacle Whip Inexperienced melee weapon  – 224-272 melee harm and 1.7 assaults per second. Drops from the pink tentacle enemies within the Sunken Sea biome.
Backbone Ring Epic Ring. Offers 28% harm towards bosses Discovered on the skeleton of an enormous ocean creature. It seems to be prefer it drops from the large sea serpent stays.
Coral Amulet 11% boat pace Random drops all through the biome, together with chests.
Coral Ring 45 max well being and 6% boat pace. Dropped in coral chests and different elite areas of the Sunken Sea.
Anchor Axe 243-295 melee harm, 1.7 assaults per second, 31% crit harm and 57% knockback likelihood Drops in chests from the caveling biome, particularly from the brand new caveling enemies.

There’s additionally the brand new Octarine armor you’ll be able to craft together with new Octarine instruments, all of which stem from the Octarine workbench and related blocks just like the anvil. There are additionally some new Polished jewelry gadgets within the sport you can also make.

Fishing replace

When you’ve got completed the Azeos WIld, there must be a brand new service provider you may get, which affords gadgets as a part of a set bonus, akin to the brand new Neptune Necklace. It’s a brand new fishing set that helps over the fishing mechanics. As well as, there are new baits, which you’ll gather, every providing totally different off-hand bonuses.

The baits embody

  • Purple bait – 21% likelihood to get greater high quality fish to chunk.
  • Purple bait – fish chunk 8% sooner and 6% nearer to reel in.
  • Inexperienced bait – 7% sooner chunk and likelihood to get a fish on the hook.

These baits might be earned by means of the brand new fishing dealer, and there are extra baits you’ll be able to craft at a bait workbench, which you make through the brand new Octarine Workbench. These new baits are wanted for crafting the brand new merchandise to summon the brand new biome bosses. They merely require plant meals to make, akin to a Bomb Pepper to make the Spicy Bait, and the Candy Bait from Coronary heart Berries. Observe, these baits additionally improve your fishing lure pace, and different good buffs that can assist you with the improved fishing mechanic.

Core Keeper Portals

Core Keeper Portals
Picture through Fireshrine / Pugstorm.

Portals are a brand new function in Core Keeper. These portals might help you teleport all through the world to different locations. You’ll be able to create portals by spending 100 Copper Bars, 100 Iron Bars, 100 Octarine Bars, 200 Coral Planks, 20 Mechanical Elements, and 30x Historical Gem stones at an Octarine Workbench.

When you create a portal, it’ll take round 20 minutes of real-time to activate. As soon as they’re activated, you’ll then be capable to teleport to them utilizing one other portal gate. Merely stroll as much as a portal and work together with it to open the portal gate map, discover a portal, after which teleport to it.

This about rounds up all the key options within the New Core Keeper Sunken Sea replace. Good luck on the market within the new Sunken Sea biome.

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