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Google rivals Meta by releasing Imagen video, its personal text-to-video AI

Google has revealed its personal text-to-video AI-generated program which is known as Imagen video. Just like Meta’s Make-a-video, this system permits customers to generate a brief video clip purely by coming into descriptive textual content. It’s similar to text-to-image apps corresponding to Dall-E and Midjourney, nonetheless this time the tip product is shifting photos.

In fact, this isn’t the primary iteration of text-to-video, and neither was Meta’s for that matter. A few couple of months in the past DIYP reported that it will be the subsequent large AI visible development, and in typical AI nature, that progress has reached us at an insanely speedy fee. However again to Google.

Google had additionally beforehand launched Imagen as text-to-image software program, nonetheless, that they had determined to not permit it for use publicly because of what they described as problematic biases that they hadn’t but managed to surmount. Mainly, when scraping the web for supply materials, you scrape the dregs of humanity and incorporate systemic racism, gender biases and all that pretty stuff into the AI. To not point out the potential for misuse and deepfakery.

They’re saying the identical factor about Imagen Video: “Imagen Video and its frozen T5-XXL textual content encoder had been educated on problematic information. Whereas our inside testing suggests a lot of express and violent content material might be filtered out, there nonetheless exists social biases and stereotypes that are difficult to detect and filter. We’ve got determined to not launch the Imagen Video mannequin or its supply code till these issues are mitigated.”

So don’t anticipate this to be launched as a public beta any time quickly. In fact, like with the text-to-image rival apps, such moral dilemmas received’t deter different comparable releases.


Google claims that Imagen Video is a step towards a system with a “excessive diploma of controllability” and world data, together with the flexibility to generate footage in a variety of creative kinds.

The system takes a textual content description and generates a 16-frame, three-frames-per-second video at 24-by-48-pixel decision. Then, the system upscales and “predicts” further frames, producing a closing 128-frame, 24-frames-per-second video at 720p (1280×768).

Google says that Imagen Video was educated on 14 million video-text pairs and 60 million image-text pairs. In experiments, they found that Imagen Video might produce movies that replicated sure kinds for instance Van Gogh’s work. It might additionally deal with depth results to simulate drone-style fly-through movies.

And much more spectacular is how the software program dealt with textual content. It was in a position to render animated textual content extremely precisely and convincingly.

However the outcomes nonetheless are removed from good. As you possibly can see within the examples, there’s nonetheless a excessive diploma of noise, artefacts and normal oddities. Nonetheless, with the velocity that this tech appears to develop it received’t be that manner for lengthy. And yay, now videographers and video editors might be added to the record of creatives frightened of shedding their jobs to AI.

Nonetheless, not less than Google doesn’t appear to have portray teddy bears with creepily human palms. That’s positively sufficient to present me nightmares

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