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How Previous is Venti in Genshin Affect?

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Venti is a fan-favourite character from Genshin Affect. He’s playful, free-spirited, and … drinks an entire lot of wine. He’s additionally not only a bard, however the Anemo Archon who secretly watches over Mondstadt, too. This, together along with his younger seems, merely begs the query: how outdated is Venti? To search out the reply, we’ve got to do some digging into his backstory. There’s loads to unpack.

Venti’s Backstory

Venti existed as a small wind spirit in the course of the Archon Struggle, over 2,600 years earlier than the occasions of the sport. In the course of the Archon Struggle, this wind spirit befriended a Anonymous Bard, who sang of his needs to see the sky – which had been blocked off by a harsh, impenetrable wind. Decarabian, the God of Storms and Anemo Archon, had made it so, and his dictatorial rule was ultimately met with riot.

The Anonymous Bard and Venti as a wind spirit, as depicted in-game.

The riot was led by the Anonymous Bard and the wind spirit amongst others, and ultimately Decarabian was slain within the battle. Nonetheless, the Anonymous Bard additionally perished. With the place of Anemo Archon now empty, the wind spirit, now beneath the identify Barbatos, was elevated to godhood himself. He used his newfound powers to create a vessel within the type of the Anonymous Bard’s to honour him. Nonetheless, he didn’t need to rule over Mondstadt in worry of turning into a tyrant himself. And so, to obscure his id as Anemo Archon, he took on the identify Venti. He has since devoted the remainder of his life to acting on the streets of Mondstadt as a humble bard, while maintaining a tally of issues as Archon.

How outdated is Venti?

So, if Venti has been alive since earlier than the Archon Struggle, meaning he’s no less than 2,600 years outdated. Since he took on the type of his younger pal, he hasn’t bodily aged. That gained’t cease him from ingesting up a storm, although.

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