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Rogue Legacy 2 Class Information: Astromancer

The Astromancer is among the most tough courses to unlock in Rogue Legacy 2, requiring a reasonably effectively upgraded citadel earlier than they’re made out there. This funding is effectively value it nevertheless, as Astromancers are overwhelmingly highly effective spellcasters that may devastate entire rooms filled with enemies without delay. From dealing enormous injury with their sceptres, to throwing out spell after spell and barely draining their spectacular mana reserves, the Astromancer is a category to be feared as soon as mastered. 

Sadly, the Astromancer should endure having the bottom HP of any class in Rogue Legacy 2, tied solely with the Ronin. Although their small well being pool implies that you should be considerably cautious when enjoying because the Astromancer, the category has a number of skills that can maintain you out of hazard whereas bringing the harm to your adversaries. 

Rogue Legacy 2 Astromancer weapon 

In Rogue Legacy 2, the Astromancer wields the Celestial Sceptre, summoning highly effective black holes to tear their enemies asunder.  When the Celestial Sceptre is used, a black gap seems shut in entrance of the Astromancer, solely barely additional than the size of a daily melee weapon swing. The Black gap offers fixed injury to anybody throughout the space. Whereas it’s fully potential to wreck a number of enemies with a single black gap, when coping with one after the other it’s best to be as exact as potential. It is because the black gap injury turns into an computerized talent crit to any enemy near the middle of the impact. 

Because the black gap might be dealing constant injury to enemies, and refilling your mana in consequence, positioning a black gap to position an enemy at its centre after which unloading along with your spells will guarantee enormous quantities of injury in a really brief house of time 

Rogue Legacy 2 Astromancer Expertise 

Comet Kind is the Astromancer’s class expertise in Rogue Legacy 2, and it’s a particularly potent one. When Comet Kind is energetic, the Astromancer positive factors the Cloaked standing impact, as with the Murderer’s Obscura expertise. Cloaked will increase your motion velocity and makes you completely invulnerable to wreck for the impact’s period. And in addition, like Obscura, the Comet Kind is as helpful when it comes to injury potential as it’s for escape and traversal. When in touch with enemies whereas the impact is energetic, the Astromancer will deal giant quantities of injury shortly. Simply watch out along with your timing for this expertise, as being in touch with an enemy as soon as Comet Kind runs out will outcome within the Astromancer taking injury as common. Cancelling out of Comet Kind early can be potential by means of the usage of spin kicks, dashes and weapon or spell utilization. 

Whereas the Comet Kind gives a major burst of energy, it is usually restricted in its period, lasting for just one.5 seconds. Fortunately, the expertise’s cooldown can be considerably temporary, taking 7 seconds earlier than being prepared to make use of once more. Don’t be afraid to interrupt out comet type both to beat a hasty retreat or deal substantial injury in a brief house of time.  

Astromancer Class Passive 

The Astromancer’s passive class potential in Rogue Legacy 2 is called Grand Imaginative and prescient. It grants a flat 20% Intelligence bonus to the Astromancer. It is a enormous passive improve that – together with an funding in intelligence by means of citadel upgrades – ensures that your spells will all the time deal colossal injury, carrying you thru lots of the recreation’s trickiest biomes. 

Along with the intelligence bonus, Grand Imaginative and prescient has a second, much more important property. Each single time the Astromancer offers injury, they regain a single level of mana. Whereas this will appear vastly underwhelming in comparison with the Mage’s extra dependable mana syphon, on nearer inspection it’s something however. The Astromancer’s black holes deal single situations of injury at an extremely fast fee, as do many spells and standing results out there to the category. Via this, you’ll nearly all the time have sufficient mana wanted to throw out your strongest spells and flip your enemies to mud

That does it for our Rogue Legacy 2 Astromancer class information. For extra Rogue Legacy 2 content material, together with additional in-depth guides to courses, bosses, relics and biomes, you’ll want to try our Rogue Legacy 2 hub! 

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