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Rogue Legacy 2 Class Information: Bard

The Bard is likely one of the principally technically demanding courses in Rogue Legacy 2. Its gameplay is in contrast to anything in Rogue Legacy 2, granting a brand new lease of life to probably undervalued mechanics, and throwing in a brand new expertise and weapons besides. In mastering the Bard, you’ll come to respect its tough but participating gameplay, in addition to achieve mastery over elements of crowd management and ranged fight which are wholly distinctive to this class. 

The Bard can also be one of many ultimate courses that you’ll unlock in Rogue Legacy 2, requiring a way more upgraded fort than most different class choices. The choice to unlock the Bard will doubtless come after you will have turn out to be nicely acquainted with most different gameplay types in Rogue Legacy 2. Relatively than flounder making an attempt to study a brand new skillset by yourself, allow us to get you in control with our Rogue Legacy 2 class information. Quickly, you’ll really feel as snug with the Bard as something Rogue Legacy 2 has to supply. 

Rogue Legacy 2 Bard Weapon 

In Rogue Legacy 2, the Bard’s primary weapon is the Lute. Whereas not a lot a magic-focused class as they’re a wierd ranged hybrid, the lite nonetheless features one thing like a cross between the Mage’s Wand of Blasting and the Astromancer’s Celestial Sceptre.  

When the Lute is used, it sends out a round musical notice projectile a brief distance in entrance of the bard. When the projectile stops shifting, it sticks round as a persistent hazard for enemies, dealing harm in a small space. 

As befitting a bard, there may be additionally a component of rhythm gameplay and timing utilized in profiting from the lute. The notes produced by the lite are energetic for 3 seconds earlier than they fade. However within the final second they’re energetic, they remodel into golden notes and their harm turns into computerized talent crits. Because of this, it’s best to maintain your enemies inside vary of the Lute’s notes for his or her full length, in an effort to maximise your harm output. Solely three notes might be energetic at anybody time, so it’s best to make sure that you’re getting the consequences of your present notes’ talent crits earlier than deploying extra of them. 

However this passive space harm isn’t all that the notes are good for. When a Bard performs a spin kick on a notice they’ve summoned, an explosion will radiate outwards, damaging enemies in a big space. This explosion offers considerably extra harm than the notes by themselves, and as such spin kicks are required to essentially play the bard successfully. And what’s extra, spin kicking a golden notice causes the following explosion to even be a talent crit!  

This model of gameplay positively takes some getting used to, however with sufficient practise, the Bard is ready to do large harm over a large space, gaining glorious crowd-control capabilities. 

Rogue Legacy 2 Bard Expertise 

The Bard’s class expertise is Crescendo, and it is likely one of the most potent projectile-cancelling talents within the sport, second maybe solely to the Valkyrie’s Deflect.  

When Crescendo is activated, a big shockwave bursts outwards from the Bard’s Lute. Although considerably comparable in look to the spin kick shockwaves the Bard generates, Crescendo has an entirely completely different objective, on prime of merely dealing harm. Any medium-sized projectile that’s hit by Crescendo’s shockwave might be immediately reworked right into a rose, halting in place. Roses are comparable objects to notes, however they don’t continually emit harm. Nevertheless, they will nonetheless be spin-kicked and detonates in the identical method as a daily notice. And to make up for his or her lack of passive harm, the three notes at a time restrict doesn’t apply to roses! As such, Crescendo can will let you convert a shockwave of harmful projectiles into lethal traps to your enemies, simply ready to be detonated at your leisure.  

Although Crescendo is an exceptionally helpful capacity, it’s best to watch out with its timing. The expertise comes with a cooldown of 12 seconds, longer than most abilities in Rogue Legacy 2. However with correct utilization, you’ll hardly discover this draw back. 

Bard Class Passive 

Performer is the Bard’s class passive in Rogue Legacy 2. And versus many courses’ easy across-the-board stat boosts, Performer is a extra intricate capacity that can take time to grasp. 

Performer grants the Bard’s spin kicks a secondary capacity. Every profitable spin kick on an enemy utilized a stack of the Dance standing. Every stack of Dance will increase the harm of the entire Bard’s assaults, talents and spells by 15%. As much as 5 stacks of Dance might be utilized to an enemy, granting an unimaginable 75% harm enhance at max! On prime of this, the explosions brought on by spin kicking notes additionally apply a single stack of Dance to any enemy caught within the blast. 

There’s a obligatory disadvantage to Performer nonetheless, as all stacks of Dance are immediately eliminated as quickly because the Bard touches the bottom. 

With each the Dance standing and the power to detonate notes, you’ll hardly be spending any time on the bottom when taking part in as a Bard. When you’ve totally grasped the category’s distinctive mechanics, you’ll be springing across the display like a musical Mario. 

Bard Secondary Class 

As soon as the Electrical Lute has been obtained from the Soul Store, you will have the choice of changing your bards into Rock Stars in Rogue Legacy 2. Most unlockable courses within the sport supply a rise in complexity when in comparison with the bottom class. However in an fascinating inversion, the Rock Star’s gameplay is way more streamlined than the Bard’s  

Rock stars don’t have to fret about producing and detonating notes. Their Electrical Lute is a way more easy ranged weapon, dealing immediate harm a brief distance forward of the Rock Star. As well as, Spin Kicking an enemy ends in the Rock Star gaining the Charged standing briefly, making certain that their subsequent assault is a Talent Crit. In case you just like the model of the Bard however are delay by the complexities of their gameplay, you may nicely have a better and higher time with the Rock Star. 

That does it for our Rogue Legacy 2 Bard class information. For extra Rogue Legacy 2 content material, together with additional in-depth guides to courses, bosses, relics and biomes, remember to take a look at our Rogue Legacy 2 hub! 

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