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Rogue Legacy 2 Class Information: Chef

The Chef is without doubt one of the most offbeat and unconventional lessons in Rogue Legacy 2, but additionally probably considered one of its greatest. Although the properties of its assaults can take a while to get used to, the Chef excels in survivability due to its distinctive class ability, to such a level that it could possibly carry you thru many of the recreation’s biomes with ease. We’ll assist you to flip up the warmth and get essentially the most out of your time with the Chef with our Rogue Legacy class information.

Rogue Legacy 2: Chef Weapon

The Chef’s foremost methodology of dealing harm comes from its weapon, the Frying Pan. The Pan looks as if a simple blunt instrument at first, extra helpful for making use of Burn than due to any strengths of its personal. However this weapon does include a property that makes utilizing it nicely worthwhile. Very like the Valkyrie’s Deflect potential, hitting a projectile with the Frying Pan makes these projectiles now not an issue. However the Chef goes a step additional, absolutely reflecting the projectiles and turning them into fireballs. Because of this – even with out important long-ranged capabilities – the chef is not any slouch in any respect ranges of fight. It’s close to unimaginable for a Chef to be picked off from afar with the Frying Pan at their facet.

Moreover, when any projectile is mirrored, the Chef’s subsequent assault will turn out to be a ability crit if carried out inside three seconds of the reflection. The Frying pan additionally doesn’t activate a ability crit throughout sprint assaults. That is uncommon for lessons with major melee assaults and serves to focus on that the Chef shouldn’t be up within the fray all the time. Typically making use of burn and backing off is the proper method to go.

Rogue Legacy 2 Chef Expertise

The Chef’s expertise is Stew, and it’s arguably the guts and focus of all the class. Utilizing stew restores a great chunk of each your well being and mana. The quantity of mana regained is at all times a flat 100, however the greater the Chef’s intelligence rating, the extra well being they may get better from every use of Stew.

Stew begins out with 3 makes use of per run, however each time you discover a well being pickup, a kind of makes use of is replenished. That is what makes the category so extremely survivable; with the ability to generate your personal heals and gathering extra heal prices as you progress by means of Rogue Legacy 2’s biomes. It is usually doable to buy the Alchemy Lab citadel improve, which lets you regain Stew prices when selecting up mana potions in addition to well being drops. By means of this, the Chef successfully has a complete well being pool that’s many occasions bigger than the one it begins with, and bigger than another class when Stew is correctly used and replenished.

Chef Class Passive

The Chef’s Class Passive impact is Artisan, which provides any weapon geared up by the Chef the flexibility to use the Burn standing impact on hit. Burn is lively for 3 seconds, dealing 6 separate cases of harm in that point. The ultimate two cases at all times turn out to be ability crits. Since hitting once more with the weapon re-applies the Burn impact, it’s typically higher to let burn run out earlier than making use of it once more, guaranteeing the ability crits somewhat than refreshing indefinitely.

Chef Secondary Class

Not like the Knight, which is transformed from battle-hardened warrior to pizza-slinger by means of its secondary class, the Chef sticks to a culinary theme and turns into a Waiter when the Bag O’ Spoons is unlocked within the Soul Store. The Waiter is ready to hurl a bouncing picket spoon that offers important ranged harm, its second hit after bounding dealing much more by means of making use of bonus Int-based harm and ability critting besides. Whereas the dearth of projectile-reflecting is a loss for the waiter, it’s much less essential to success when the category has turn out to be a ranged powerhouse. And with Stew nonetheless readily available, you’ll be able to deal out enormous chunks of harm and heal up any you obtain in return.

That does it for our Rogue Legacy 2 Chef class information. For extra Rogue Legacy 2 content material, together with additional in-depth guides to lessons, bosses, relics and biomes, be sure you try our Rogue Legacy 2 hub!

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