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RX 6600 vs RTX 3060

Is the decrease degree playing cards sufficient for many lately?

In one other comparability, we take a look at the Nvidia and Radeon low finish. With the RX 6600 vs RTX 3060. The 2 with completely different architectures are constructed in another way, giving individuals a selection of choices for his or her greatest graphics card.

Each of the GPUs have been launched in the identical 12 months however on both finish and at various occasions away from their collection launch dates. The RTX 3060 is the older choice, popping out in February 2021. While the RX 6600 was out in October of the identical 12 months. A 6-month distinction for enhancements to happen.

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ASRock RX 6600 Challenger ITX

ASRock Challenger ITX RX 6600


Lesser efficiency than different choices

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When it comes to the construct of the graphics card die, there’s structure. This impacts how the processing within the card features. With differing optimizations and the way they work collectively to create the ultimate graphics in your show.

Wanting extra intently at them, we see the RX 6600 contains a Navi 23 XL GPU, a part of the RDNA 2 structure. Made with TSMCs 7nm course of it creates a die 237mm² in dimension with 11.06 billion transistors. 

Whereas the RTX 3060 is an Ampere card with the GA106-300 GPU. It creates a die 276mm² in dimension with the Samsung 8nm course of with 12 billion transistors.

Sapphire Pulse Radeon RX 6600


RX 6600 RTX 3060
GPU Navi 23 XL GA106-300
Shading items 1,792 3,584
RT cores 28 28
TMUs 112 112
Reminiscence 8GB GDDR6 12GB GDDR6
Base clock 1,626 MHz 1,320 MHz
Enhance clock 2,491 MHz 1,777 MHz
Reminiscence clock 14 Gbps 15 Gbps
Card bus PCIe 4.0 x8 PCIe 4.0 x16
Reminiscence bandwidth 224.0 GB/s 360.0 GB/s
TDP/TBP 132 W 170 W

Structure is a giant distinction for the cardboard, so there are different commonplace specs to check between them. Right here we evaluate the playing cards and what they really do.

GPU die cores

These are the specialised areas of the GPU core. Every space works collectively on its duties to create the ultimate picture displayed. Particularly, we now have the shading items for shadows and shading the scene, RT cores for real-time ray tracing, and TMUs for 3D objects. Though these aren’t all of them it’s a good begin.

Between the RX 6600 vs RTX 3060, we see a whole lot of similarities and a giant distinction. RT cores and TMUs are reported on the similar quantity between them with 28 and 112. While the 3060 opts for greater shading items with its CUDA cores. It has 3,584 in comparison with 6600s 1,792 stream processors. It doesn’t instantly imply it’s higher in that space as optimizations and different components can have an effect on it.


Video reminiscence is the buffer between your GPU and show. Permitting for a greater expertise with framerate and latency because it holds the following frames prepared to indicate. The next capability is particularly necessary for giant resolutions with their greater pixel counts.

There are just a few variations between the 2 playing cards within the VRAM division. The 6600 has 8GB of GDDR6 reminiscence. Which clocked at 14 Gbps with a 128-bit bus will get a bandwidth of 224 GB/s. 

While the 3060 has 12GB of GDDR6. Clocked at 15 Gbps with a 192-bit bus it will get a bandwidth of 360 GB/s. So we see the Nvidia card lead by way of the obtainable bandwidth in reminiscence.

Sapphire Pulse Radeon RX 6600 Back

Clock fee

Often known as the frequency it’s how typically the silicon crystals of the die flip. That means how rapidly the directions get processed and make the graphics. Though not the ultimate issue for efficiency it’s a goal for GPU overclocking and getting probably the most out of the cardboard.

Evaluating the 2 graphics playing cards, it’s group Pink that takes the lead as normal. With a base clock of 1,626 MHz and a lift clock of two,491. In comparison with the 3060s base of 1,320 MHz and increase of 1,777 MHz.

Thermal design energy

TDP is the whole quantity of vitality the cardboard will devour at max utilization. It’s an indicator of your vitality utilization and the way a lot warmth the playing cards will give off. Evaluating the 2, we see Staff Inexperienced operating hotter with 170 W in comparison with 132 W. So if you happen to thoughts your utilization it could be an necessary consideration.

PCIe bus

One different issue is the PCIe bus used on the cardboard. That is the interface between it and the motherboard that can dictate the obtainable bandwidth. They nonetheless use the identical 4th technology connector however change the lane dimension which nonetheless impacts the throughput.

The 3060 makes use of the complete x16 lanes which permits as much as 31.508 GB/s. While the 6600 solely has an x8 lane. This halves the obtainable quantity to fifteen.754 GB/s, though this might not be an necessary distinction if the efficiency retains up. However older slots may also decrease the restrict and so it may negatively restrict the efficiency.

Sapphire Pulse Radeon RX 6600 Side

RX 6600 vs RTX 3060 efficiency

For the preliminary efficiency, we glance to 3DMarks benchmarks for a direct graphical comparability. In it, the RTX 3060 achieves a rating of 8,766 with a price-to-performance ratio of 26. While the RX 6600 will get a rating of 8,131 with a ratio of 24. A close to 9% distinction between the 2 choices.

Taking a look at Toms {Hardware} assessment we will get a efficiency comparability for the playing cards. The place at 1080p the RX 6600 averages 100.8 FPS, and 70.9 at 1440p. While the RTX 3060 manages 103.1 and 77.3 FPS on common. Which does imply a lead of two% and 9% lead for the older card.

RX 6600 vs RTX 3060 worth

When it comes to pricing, we glance to the MSRP of the playing cards. With each releasing on the peak of costly GPUs, there could also be some skew of their pricing. Nonetheless, they did launch on the similar MSRP of $329USD/£299. So if they’re obtainable for a similar worth it can largely come right down to the opposite components.

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Robust all-metal backplate

Customized PCB for extra airflow


Solely presents twin fan design

Is the 6600 or 3060 higher?

Based mostly on the efficiency and worth of the RX 6600 vs 3060 it’s the RTX 3060 that does come forward. It leads within the uncooked efficiency while that means to price the identical. Nonetheless, there are some options to contemplate between them and your wants.

Nvidia presents a greater ray tracing efficiency and DLSS uplift. However AMD presents that with RSR in any recreation so you will get much more out of it. So it could come right down to your native pricing and what you’re on the lookout for out of your graphics card.

How a lot sooner is the 6600 than 3060?

When it comes to frequency, it’s the normal case that AMD has a better clock fee. And so by way of the bottom clock, the RX 6600 is 23% sooner and has a 40% sooner increase clock.

How significantly better is the 3060 than the 6600?

When it comes to graphical efficiency, in 3DMark benchmarks, the RTX 3060 is 6% higher than the 6600. This additionally continues in gaming, the place it averages 2% and 9% greater on common at 1080p and 1440p

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