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Shadowrun Trilogy: Mage Class Information 

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Being a runner in The Shadowrun Trilogy typically means packing spectacular {hardware}. Weapons and grenades sit proper alongside blades and fight drones. However the world of Shadowrun isn’t merely Cyberpunk; Fantasy performs an equal half. Spells are forged left and proper. You’re as more likely to be caught in a fireball as you might be in a firefight. If the extra magical aspect of the Sixth World appeals to you, then Mage ought to be your runner’s chosen class.

We’re right here that can assist you construct one of the best Mage potential with our Shadowrun Trilogy class information.

Shadowrun Trilogy: Spell Choice 

Few courses in The Shadowrun Trilogy provide as a lot selection because the Mage. Most different courses depend on weaponry to be an efficient combatant, and this typically locks them into only one or two important strategies of coping with foes. Mages, then again, have a wide range of options to deal with any given drawback, restricted solely by the Nuyen price of the spells they sling.

Offensive Mage spells are predominantly explosive and elemental. Gouts of flame, lightning bolts, and harmful areas-of-effect are the norm. Past that, Mages have the ability to heal, enhance allies’ purpose, grant or destroy armor, and cut back foes’ motion economic system by damaging their AP.

Mage Spellbook slots enhance as you spend factors within the Knowledge stat, and as such you’ll carry round a fully-stocked arsenal earlier than lengthy. Mages’ offensive capabilities are spectacular however don’t neglect to spherical out your spell choice with buffing and debuffing choices to succeed in your runner’s full potential. 

Shadowrun Trilogy – Specialisation vs Jack-of-All-Trades 

When contemplating tips on how to construct your runner in The Shadowrun Trilogy, it’s value contemplating the general availability of Karma (expertise factors) in every recreation. 

Shadowrun Returns is probably the most beneficiant recreation within the sequence with the Karma factors it grants you. You might have the flexibleness to be extraordinarily competent in your chosen space, while additionally having the ability to experiment with different abilities and disciplines pretty freely. 

Shadowrun Dragonfall and Shadowrun Hong Kong then again are much less lenient with their Karma. It’s best to both focus on a few class areas or settle for that spreading your factors over many abilities could result in you being much less efficient in these abilities. You may nonetheless be an especially efficient Mage, however taking over a number of casting disciplines means you’re much less more likely to progress these particular person abilities so far as in Shadowrun Returns.

Shadowrun Trilogy – Mage Stat Funding 

Stat Spells


Physique is the stat that governs well being. Well being is helpful irrespective of your class. You’ll wish to make investments a couple of factors on this as a Mage, however not as many as for courses like Road Samurai and Adept that thrive in shut quarters. 

Cyberware Affinity can be a subsection of Physique, and factors invested right here usually are not as wasted as you would possibly initially assume. Putting in Cyberware in your Runner subtracts out of your Essence rating. Having much less Essence negatively impacts casting characters in a lot of methods. Putting in an excessive amount of Cyberware (exterior of uncommon Bioware gear that doesn’t price Essence to put in) in your Mage is a sure-fire method to sabotage your character’s fight effectiveness.

Nonetheless, at sure phases of Cyberware Affinity, you might be afforded further Essence factors. This lets you set up a small quantity of Cyberware in your Mage with out weakening their magical capabilities. 


Dump it. Energy is used primarily for close-combat talents, and no self-respecting mage has any enterprise dashing as much as the entrance traces. Energy additionally will increase the vary of your grenades, however Mage runners have loads of different choices for making issues explode. 


Quickness remains to be primarily a bodily stat, however one which has many extra functions for a mage than Energy does. Your ranged fight talents and general proficiency with firearms depend on Quickness. Even when your Spellbook is full to bursting with highly effective magical choices, it doesn’t harm to deliver a sidearm alongside on a run. 

The Dodge ability additionally depends upon Quickness, which is pretty essential for a Mage runner. Dodge reduces the chance of being hit by enemy assaults. The next Dodge ability signifies that enemies are much less more likely to goal you than your allies with decrease Dodge scores. Undoubtedly put some factors into Quickness and Dodge, until you’re assured in your different technique of mitigating harm. 


The core stat for a Mage runner. No matter whether or not you select to hit the cap or not, the vast majority of your Karma spending as a Mage will probably be in Knowledge. This Stat governs your spellcasting – each the variety of spells you’ll be able to equip without delay and the chance of your spells hitting the goal. Larger Knowledge additionally makes you extra immune to enemy spellcasting, offering a defensive enhance alongside the offensive properties of your spells.


The one actual cause to place something into Intelligence as a Mage is the Biotech ability, which will increase the quantity of therapeutic obtained from Medkits. However Mages even have entry to spells that may heal the harm obtained from a goal’s most up-to-date assault, rendering Medkits much less obligatory than in any other case. A couple of factors in Biotech are a clever funding on more durable difficulties, however in any other case, be happy to disregard Intelligence. 


Charisma is the stat that has maybe probably the most lively functions exterior of the talents it boosts. Checks utilizing Charisma are plentiful within the Shadowrun Trilogy, granting you the chance to speak your method out of hazard or right into a profitable state of affairs.

Boosting Charisma additionally unlocks Etiquettes, which can be utilized to additional ingratiate your runner with completely different teams of individuals all through The Shadowrun Trilogy. Fortunately, Etiquettes don’t require Karma factors. You unlock them robotically at each two ranks of Charisma. 

Exterior of Etiquettes, there are valuable few causes to speculate closely in Charisma, until you are trying to play as a hybrid spellcaster. Shaman spells make the most of Charisma as an alternative of Knowledge, as does Spirit Summoning. It’s potential to place some factors into Charisma and broaden your spellcasting repertoire, nevertheless it’s finest to make use of Shaman spells to complement your Mage spellcasting versus a real 50/50 cut up. Attempting to have one of the best of each worlds will seemingly finish together with your character being mediocre in each types of spellcasting.

For those who can afford to purchase three ranges of the Spirit Summoning ability, you’ll unlock a Spirit Totem on your runner. Spirit totems have a wide range of helpful advantages no matter your general class focus. As such, it’s value contemplating in case you’ve already spent factors in Charisma to unlock Etiquettes. 

That’s it for our Shadowrun Trilogy Mage Class information. Now get on the market, harness the arcane and earn your maintain, Runner! 

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