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Tales From the Borderlands (2014) Story Recap

What occurred thus far?

Tales From the Borderlands is 8 years outdated now, and with New Tales From the Borderlands, it’s time for a Story Recap.

The primary sport adopted the adventures of Rhys, Fiona, Sasha, and Vaughn with a whole lot of acquainted faces returning to the sequence.

Now with out additional ado, let’s soar proper into Tales From the Borderlands Story Recap.

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Tales From the Borderlands Story Recap 1
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Tales From the Borderlands Story Recap

Episode 1 – Zer0 Sum

Your entire sport begins when an odd determine kidnaps Rhys and Fiona. They’re pressured to share their story in regards to the Gortys Mission.

Rhys, an worker of Hyperion is demoted by Hugo Vasquez. After Rhys overheard that Hugo is looking for and purchase the vault key they do the identical.

Rhys and Vaughn take the stolen briefcase of cash to Pandora to be able to buy the vault key from August first.

Nonetheless, Rhys, Vaughn, and the vendor found that the important thing was pretend all alongside, created by two con artists Fiona and Sasha. The cash is stolen by Bossanova.

Rhys, Vaughn, Sasha, and Fiona type an unlikely alliance and go on an journey to recuperate the cash. Rhys installs a Hyperion ID chip that he recovered from the lifeless physique of Professor Nakayama.

The belief was that the chip would assist them recuperate the briefcase, however nothing occurred. After some time, all of them find the cash close to a secret Atlas facility.

Felix, who was a mentor for Sasha and Fiona determined to take the briefcase for himself. It triggered the briefcase’s explosive lock.

Relying in your selections as Fiona Felix might both die or escape from this case. The remainder of the gang discovers the Gortys core inside a secret chamber within the Atlas facility.

Abruptly, a hologram of everybody’s favourite villain Good-looking Jack seems to Rhys and publicizes that they’ve discovered the Gortys Mission, which is a option to the vault.

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Tales From the Borderlands Story Recap 2
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Episode 2 – Atlas Mugged

The gang needs to be taught extra in regards to the Gortys Mission. The group units off within the caravan of Fiona and Sasha. They be taught that one other Atlas facility is situated in Outdated Haven.

Nonetheless, they get bombarded by Helios’ moonshot cannon. Rhys and Vaughn fall off the caravan attempting to flee. After they assume they’ve had sufficient adventures for in the future they bump into Hugo Vasques.

They can escape from him with the assistance of Loader Bot and Good-looking Jack. Within the meantime, Fiora and Sasha take a detour.

Our ladies find yourself in Hole Level and bump into Scooter who helps them restore their caravan. In addition they go to Felix’s dwelling and uncover that Felix betrayed them to guard them from August’s boss Vallory.

They then get jumped by some thugs, Finch and Kroger, however are saved by Vault Hunter Athena.

After they attain the Atlas facility the group is ambushed by Vasquez and August. They power Fiona and Rhys to create the Gortys. Rhys unintentionally triggers a safety protocol on the Atlas base. He should select between trusting both Fiona or Jack to get to security.

Episode 3 – Catch a Experience

It doesn’t matter a lot who Rhys trusts on the finish of the earlier episode. The group escapes August and Velasquez both manner.

Not all is nice as a result of they get caught off-guard by Vallory and her henchmen. Vallory kills Vasquez and prepares to execute the others, however they’re saved by Athena who forces the enemies to retreat.

It’s revealed that Athena was initially employed by Felix to guard and train Sasha and Fiona. The latter prompts the Gortys unit which seems to be a cute robotic.

Gortys explains that Atlas created her to assist find the Vault of the Traveler that continually teleports. It by no means stays in a single place for lengthy.

The difficulty is that Athena killed many of the Atlas’ workers which left Gortys incomplete. Your objective is to take Gortys and assist her get the improve.

As Rhys, you’ll be able to both associate up with Good-looking Jack or reject his proposition. The entire group reaches a biodome and efficiently retrieves the improve that Gortys wants.

Nonetheless, they’re attacked and captured by Vallory who arms off Athena to Brick and Mordecai. Relying in your alternative as Fiona, Vaughn can both escape or be captured.

He’ll escape later both manner. Gortys is pressured by Vallory to disclose the placement of the subsequent improve. It’s on Helios.

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Tales from the Borderlands 4
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Episode 4 – Escape Plan Bravo

Vallory forces our gang to get the improve from the workplace of Good-looking Jack himself on Helios. She additionally sends August, Finch, and Kroger to observe over the others.

The caravan is modified right into a spaceship by Scooter and Janey Springs. It’s the solely manner they’ll attain Helios. Scooter additionally accompanies all the characters to Helios.

Earlier than they arrive, he’s pressured to sacrifice himself to forestall the spaceship from exploding. He goes off in type on a rocket screaming his catchphrase “Catch-A-Riiiiiide”.

After they attain Helios, Rhys infiltrates the Hyperion headquarters disguised as Hugo Vasquez. Fiona turns into a Hyperion tour information to mix in. The unique plan was for Fiona to research the workplace however the safety alarm went off.

Rhys was pressured to enter Good-looking Jack’s workplace via a trapdoor underneath the room. He retrieved the improve, and the hologram of Jack affords him full management of Hyperion. You possibly can both settle for or deny this provide.

If you happen to settle for, Rhys uploads Jack’s thoughts into Helios, and Jack publicizes Rhys as the brand new president of Hyperion. If you happen to decline, then Jack forces you to add his consciousness into HElios and takes management over Hyperion for himself.

Episode 5 – The Vault of the Traveler

Good-looking Jack tries to take management over the physique of Rhys. In the meantime, Fiona, Sasha, and Gortys take the improve to the hangar on Helios.

In an effort to kill Jack, Rhys sends Helios on a collision course with the planet of Pandora. Within the escape room, August, Finch, and Kroger betray our gang, revealing they deliberate to take solely Gortys again to Pandora.

August has a change of coronary heart and turns in opposition to Finch and Kroger. A few of them escape, however Fiona and Loader Bot are left behind.

Loader Bot makes yet one more sacrifice to save lots of Rhys and Fiona. Due to him they get to the escape shuttles. Within the ruins of the ship, Jack downloads himself into Rhys’ cyber eye, and cyber arm, and tries to kill him as soon as extra.

Rhys removes the cybernetics and chooses to both destroy Good-looking Juck by destroying his cyber eye or lure him inside.

Vallory makes use of the absolutely upgraded Gortys to open the Vault of the Traveler. Nonetheless, the Vault Monster shortly kills her.

Gortys tells the gang to destroy her, by closing the Vault and vanishing the monster.

Again to the Future

Within the current time, Vaughn, who’s the chief of the survivors from the Helios’ crash captures the stranger from episode one. It seems to be Loader Bot. He by some means survived the crash in any case.

Loader Bot noticed that Gortys was destroyed and felt betrayed by his pals. He rebuild himself and went on to hunt the reality. Loader Bot asks the gang to assist rebuild Gortys, kill the monster, and free Gortys from what she was programmed to do.

With assist from pals, the monster is killed in an actual Megazord battle from Energy Rangers.

In the long run, Rhys and Fiona are those who enter the vault, open a chest, and are teleported to an unknown place.

The Finish.

Brief Tales From the Borderlands Story Recap – TL;DR

Rhys – a male protagonist turns into the president of the Atlas company. He both destroys or retains the AI chip with Good-looking Jack on it. If you happen to selected to destroy it he can enter a relationship with Sasha.

Fiona – a feminine protagonist that assists Rhys and the gang alongside the best way. After the Vault was opened nobody is aware of what occurred to her after.

Vaughn – finest good friend of Rhys. He turns into the chief of a cult dwelling within the destroyed Helios base that fell from the moon.

Loader Bot is a good character that helps everybody, Gortys is a cute, reckless robotic, Athena helps out protagonists, will get captured by Brick and Mordecai, however escapes considerably sooner or later.

Scooter – probably the most beloved characters within the Borderlands franchise dies, sacrificing himself to save lots of the others.


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