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‘Wordle’ right now, July 10: Reply, hints, assist for Wordle #386

Having bother with right now’s Wordle? If that’s the case, we’re right here to assist.

It’s possible you’ll want a bit of additional help to finish Wordle #386 for July 10, 2022. We’ve bought a few hints that would make it easier to hold your spectacular Wordle streak alive.

Earlier than you check out the hints under, try our straightforward information on taking part in Wordle for some ideas and tips for taking part in each day, together with methods and good beginning phrases. And bookmark our Wordle hub so you’ll be able to come again for extra hints and solutions.

Extra on Wordle

How Wordle works

Wordle is a vocabulary recreation through which gamers get six tries to guess a five-letter phrase. When you enter a guess, particular person letters throughout the phrase you entered will seem in numerous colours. Every colour has a distinct that means.

  • Inexperienced: The letter entered is 100% right — the best letter in the best house.
  • Yellow: The entered letter is within the right phrase, however you’ve positioned it within the fallacious house.
  • Grey: The entered letter just isn’t used within the reply.

The aim is to guess the right phrase in as few makes an attempt as doable.

Hints for right now’s Wordle

  • Right this moment’s Wordle begins with an S.
  • Right this moment’s Wordle solely has one vowel.
  • Right this moment’s Wordle will be a part of a plant or one thing a predator does.
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What’s the reply to Wordle #386 on July 10?

Nonetheless having bother? No worries — you’ll be able to’t get all of them! In the event you simply wish to see right now’s Wordle reply to proceed your streak, you could find it under.

The reply to right now’s Wordle is …


In accordance with Merriam-Webster, stalk has fairly a number of definitions — the commonest definitions are a noun that means “the principle stem of an herbaceous plant typically with its dependent elements” or a verb that means “to pursue quarry or prey stealthily.”

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